Blanket Edge – Thick Rug Natural Jacob/Herdwick Pattern 3


Beautiful reclaimed natural undyed wool – mainly Jacob and Herdswick wools – this ball is approximately 700-800 grams weight.

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Blanket Edge Yarn – single ball

The photograph illustrates exactly what will be found in your purchase.

The materials are of the finest quality wools – including Cashmere, Lambswool, Merino and Cumbrian wools which come from mills across the UK. These yarns are made of materials claimed from industrial discards created during the process of making blankets, shawls and scarves. This material therefore has the most excellent environmental credentials.

The purpose behind Extreme Knitting and Crochet is to make practical items for around the home and yourself. When knitted or crocheted the fabric is deeply comfortable, very thick, warm and a pleasure to use. We use our Extreme Textiles Tools to create our pieces – see our other listings for a fantastic range of handmade tools for use with this yarn pack.

What can it do? 

This weight is particularly good for a floor rug. The cloth is a thick material, looser or tighter depending on the size of tools you use – we recommend 27mm or 24mm knitting needles and we prefer to use the 600mm or 700mm lengths.

The item has many uses – use in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, garden, out on picnics….

A great thing is you can make this in approximately 5 hours

And another great thing is that it’s machine wash- in able on a wool wash

The rugs can be made to the size required for their purpose. The Extreme Textiles Way is a quick way of making fantastic, often luxurious and treasured home furnishings and apparel. 

You can make rugs, throws, cushion covers, table cloths, place mats, on-trend chunky scarves, clothes and much much more. Products made by this method have the quality to become much loved family heirlooms.

Our Extreme kits have been designed to give you all that you need to create your choice of item in colours that you will adore.

The yarn has been picked for its ability to withstand constant use. You can also add in some of your own yarns to create a different effect or make a larger piece – a great way to clear some or all, of that yarn stash hiding in your cupboards.

The Extreme kits and tools are great as unique and original craft gifts. You might want to give the kit itself or choose to make something very special – if you can bear to part with it.

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