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Each pack is unique. When it is gone, it’s gone.

Iconic British Tweed and scarf/shawl/blanket fabrics. Exceptional quality 100% pure wool – you can just feel the quality at a touch, the ooo’s and aaah’s of fabric. An excellent range including traditional tweeds and tartans, herringbone, houndstooth, blanket and shawl cashmere, merino, lambswool and more. Fab sewing quality with a stable weave.

Photographed fabric is folded many times. See description for further info.

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Tweed Fabric – Finest Quality Pure Wool

Our 100% pure wool highest quality Tweed fabric is absolutely iconic in the UK and loved and respected around the world. In the Bag of Bits the fabric is priced at around £12 per kg. It comes in many different widths and lengths as it is reclaimed from various textiles industries. These packs contain a selection of smaller pieces made up to 500g of fabric.

Generally 100% wool, there are some silk & wool blends, wool & linen blends, some with mohair to enhance crease resistance, cashmere, merino, lambswool – all amazing.

Brilliant for many craft activities. Sewing of all types – upholstery, tailoring, dressmaking, patchwork and quilting, toy making, bag making, soft furnishings, textiles art backing cloth.

The photograph illustrates exactly what will be found in your purchase.

What can it do? 

The fabric can be made into many things. As curtains it hangs beautifully, hardwearing in soft furnishings, stunning as clothes – skirts, trousers, suits, coats, waistcoats, scarves, shawls. Accessorize with it in bags, hats, flat caps, belts and so much more.

The materials are of the finest quality wools which come from mills across the UK. These yarns are made of materials claimed from industrial discards created during the process of sampling and making. This material therefore has the most excellent environmental credentials.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 22 × 10 cm


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