Art Yarn Mix

Beautiful 4 strand painterly wool mix created by hand. 
This yarn has been designed for multi stranded textiles craft such as Extreme Knitting and Extreme Crochet. Weavers love it too as it speeds up and thickens a weave. Art Yarn Mix is suitable for home furnishings such as Rugs, Throws, Cushions and more. 
The main ingredient is a strong hard wearing yarn used in carpet making. There is primarily 100% wool or a 90/10 wool/nylon blend. For interest and texture we may add mohair, boucle, faux fur, cotton, silk and glitter yarns to the mix.
We've found over the years that regular machine washing the finished item at 40 degrees does wonders for the cloth - keeping it clean, softening it over time and thickening it up. We have rugs that are over 20 years old in these mixes and looking as good today as when made - if not better.